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Welcome to Scrivens Hearing Care, the new name for The Hearing Company. We provide the very best in hearing tests, digital hearing aids and local hearing care at over 300 outlets throughout the country. Following accreditation by the NHS we are now able to provide free NHS hearing aids in many of our branches and medical centres, where we provide services on behalf of the NHS.

If you feel there have been changes in your hearing, or you just want to find out more about hearing loss for a friend or family member, come to Scrivens Hearing Care where the standard of care and service is second to none.

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The only IQIPS accredited high street hearing care retailerUKAS Logo

Less than 12 months after introducing NHS hearing services into over 80 of our branches, Scrivens Hearing Care (as part of the Scrivens Opticians Group) is the first major high street retailer to be awarded a government-backed quality stamp of approval for its private and NHS hearing services.

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has granted IQIPS (Improving Quality In Physiological diagnostic Services) accreditation to the Company following months of stringent assessment.

The introduction of NHS hearing services on the high street was a result of changes in Government rules that enable Scrivens Hearing Care to work alongside GPs to give more choice to patients, reduce waiting times and deliver a more accessible and flexible hearing service in the local community.