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Hearing helps us to communicate and engage with others. If you think that there has been a change in your hearing, then having a free hearing check up at one of our stores is the best place to start. There are two different types of assessment available when you visit our branches:

Hearing Screening

This is a quick and simple check that takes just 15-20 minutes to complete. Using a simple testing device called a hearing screener, it shows how well someone is hearing across four sound frequencies (from low to high pitched). The results of this simple test will indicate whether the more thorough ‘Full Hearing Health Check’ is required.

This type of screening is also used for our NHS hearing patients. Should the results indicate that you may benefit from an NHS hearing aid we will provide you with a referral form to take to your GP*.  Should your GP decide that free NHS hearing aids are required, you can ask to be referred back to us for a full hearing assessment and to have hearing aids fitted if required.

*This service is not available in all areas, click here to check if you live in an area where we provide an NHS hearing service.

Full Hearing Health Check

This is a more comprehensive assessment carried out by our qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists, who are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). For these full hearing health checks we recommend that a friend or family member also attends, as a familiar voice is a useful reference during the testing procedure.

The full hearing health check takes approximately 45 minutes and is made up of four steps:
1) Initial discussion and taking a care history  2) Checking the health of the ears  3) Checking the level of hearing  4) Explanation of results


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